Copperline Consulting offers our services to Genesys customers to help you make the most of your Genesys system.  We are a highly skilled, motivated and experienced group of Genesys engineers who can help you not only optimize your system, but also help you reduce the support and on-going work-load that a system as complex as Genesys can put on your team.

What we can do:

  • We can provide services for all parts of your Genesys system – for example:
    • Inbound Voice and eServices
    • Outbound (all media types, push preview, progressive, predictive)
    • GVP
    • Reporting (historical and real-time)
    • iWD
    • WFM
    • WDE
    • Conversation Manager
    • Genesys Survey
    • Management tools (CME/GA/GAX/Workbench)
    • Genesys Rules Engine
    • Composer
  • Optimization of routing
    • Addition of routing and troubleshooting information for call flows so that your routing tells you when there has been an issue
    • Support, optimization and training on URS and Orchestration Server based routing for all media types
    • Support, assistance, training and guidance on the use of Composer for GVP and Orchestration routing
    • Web-based tools to assist with tracing interactions in Orchestration logs
    • Error capture and reporting to help identify issues quickly
    • Assistance setting up code repositories (i.e. – Like GitHub) to help manage versioning and archiving your Composer flows and other custom code for your system
  • Optimization and customization of reporting
    • Training and assistance on creating custom statistics in Statserver and Infomart.
    • Training and assistance with building custom reports in GCXI and other reporting tools (SAP BO/BI, SSRS, Oracle OBIEE, Crystal Reports, etc)
    • CCPulse/Pulse/GAX
  • Creating, maintaining and understanding GVP inbound and outbound interactions
  • Training and support of Java (SE and EE) applications and customization
  • Support, assistance and training on Integration with CRM (Salesforce, SAP, etc)
  • GVP reporting enhancements and data capture for VAR reports
  • Help integrating Genesys eServices and GMS with your web pages, including providing training to help your team become proficient
  • Improved closure system – Allows the contact center to control their own closures and provides reporting on created, modified and deleted closures.
  • Copperline understands and has integrated systems with Siemens OpenScape Contact Center, so we can help you with training, system comparisons and how to leverage and optimize your existing OpenScape knowledge to work with Genesys
  • We have a strong background integrating Genesys with Cisco, OSV, Avaya and other switches, and strong experience integrating Genesys SIP Server
  • Assistance with load testing tools like CallsByCloud, Empirix and Cyara
  • We can provide support, training and troubleshooting of SIP telephony components/VoIP, as well as training in the use of tools like Wireshark
  • Custom web-based tools to help manage and assist with:
    • Remote agent logout by supervisors
    • Creating, scheduling and automating delivery of GVP reports
    • Custom functionality can be added as desired.  Full integration with the Genesys SDK API
    • Outbound campaign monitoring
  • Custom integration between agent desktop and customer applications for screen pops and data capture
  • As mentioned above, on-going and consistent training and support
    • We will develop customized training products for any areas related to your Genesys integration including videos, PowerPoint presentations, documents and quick-reference guides.
    • We provide assistance with, and training on all aspects of:
      • Troubleshooting
      • Configuration
      • System functionality
      • Upgrades and hotfixes
      • Tweaks and improvements
      • Custom development
      • Multi-channel training and support on all aspects of Genesys systems
      • Any other areas related to your Genesys implementation

We provide first-level support and training for your team.  This will:

  • Reduce down-time and outages
  • Improve organic skill sets and help you bring those skills in-house, reducing reliance on Genesys Professional Services
  • Provide experts who can assist with:
    • System architecture – both current and future
    • Future designs and wishes for your Genesys system
    • Clear, in-context training for every piece of Genesys
    • Insight into skill sets for technical personnel and assistance with recognizing appropriate talent for technical positions

Our team will work side-by-side with your team to be true on-the-job training on your Genesys system.  Our experts each have over 18 years of experience on Genesys systems as Professional Services engineers.


Copperline offers our professional services at rates significantly below those charged by Genesys and most other companies and offers discounts for long-term contracts.  Contact us for more information.